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A step to clean energy - Sustainability in energy system management in an emerging economy context

  • Authors: Mangla S.K., Luthra S., Jakhar S., Gandhi S., Muduli K., Kumar A.
    Year: 2020 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: Journal of Cleaner Production
    DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2019.118462

Due to high consumption of energy, its associated concerns such as energy security and demand, wastage of resources, and material-energy recovery are leading to the importance of sustainable energy system development. This is a high time to assess the sustainability in energy systems for meeting the...(Read Full Abstract)

A novel approach to understanding Delhi's complex air pollution problem

  • Authors: Chakraborty S., Srivastava S.K.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: Economic and Political Weekly

With rising concerns about the steep increase in air pollution in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, several factors-particularly motorised transportation, construction, and stubble burning in neighbouring states-are being identified as contributing to this hazard. However, in order to make ef...(Read Full Abstract)

Aggregate earnings and gross domestic product: International evidence

Recent studies in macro accounting suggest that changes in aggregate accounting earnings can predict quarterly GDP growth in the USA. Our objective in this study is to test the robustness of the association between aggregate earnings and real GDP growth across multiple countries and for different de...(Read Full Abstract)

All that glitters is not green: Creating trustworthy ecofriendly services at green hotels

While there is much emphasis on authentic green practices, there is rising concern about the common practice of ''greenwashing'' or unsubstantiated claims about good environmental policies. Consequently, tourism businesses need to provide tangible evidences to create trust in their green claims. Thi...(Read Full Abstract)


  • Authors: Fuad M., Jain A.K.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: International Journal of Innovation Management
    DOI: 10.1142/S1363919620500425

Firms utilise both internal and external knowledge reservoirs in order to innovate. This study explores the drivers of innovation specifically, role of business groups, alliances, degree of internationalisation and financial slack on innovation. Hypotheses are tested using patent data on a sample of...(Read Full Abstract)

Case Analysis-1: A Puff of Smoke, a Hole in the Pocket, Fissure in the Lungs and Profit in Millions

Firms utilise both internal and external knowledge reservoirs in order to innovate. This study explores the drivers of innovation specifically, role of business groups, alliances, degree of internationalisation and financial slack on innovation. Hypotheses are tested using patent data on a sample of...(Read Full Abstract)

Classification for regulated industries: A new index

  • Authors: Awasthi K., Yayavaram S., George R., Sastry T.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: IIMB Management Review
    DOI: 10.1016/j.iimb.2019.01.002

While there has been extensive research and practitioner interest in regulated industries, the classification of regulated industries, as used in many previous studies, is dated, not comprehensive and lacks consensus. This paper provides an alternative classification of regulated industries in India...(Read Full Abstract)

Does selection of productivity estimation techniques matter?: Comparative analysis of advanced productivity estimation techniques

  • Authors: Singh A.P., Sharma C.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: Indian Growth and Development Review
    DOI: 10.1108/IGDR-01-2019-0003

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to compare and analyze the modern productivity estimation techniques, namely, Levinsohn and Petrin (LP, 2003), Ackerberg Caves and Frazer (ACF, 2006), Wooldridge (2009) and Mollisi and Rovigatti (MR, 2017) on unit-level data of 324 Indian industries for the peri...(Read Full Abstract)

Does technology divide or unite generations?: Testing media richness and communication climate effects on communication satisfaction in the Indian workplace

  • Authors: Mehra P., Nickerson C.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: International Journal of Organizational Analysis
    DOI: 10.1108/IJOA-10-2018-1576

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the communication preferenc;s reported by different generations in the Indian workplace, as well as investigating the relationship between communication preferences, communication climate and employee satisfaction with the organizational communica...(Read Full Abstract)

Information share and its predictability in the Indian stock market

  • Authors: Karmakar M., Inani S.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: Journal of Futures Markets
    DOI: 10.1002/fut.22041

The study investigates price discovery in the Indian stock market and finds that spot market plays a dominating role in price discovery when it is estimated for the entire period as a whole. However, periodic measures of price discovery suggest that it does not remain the same throughout the period,...(Read Full Abstract)

Investing in lottery-like stocks in India

  • Authors: Sharma U., Chakraborty M.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: Studies in Economics and Finance
    DOI: 10.1108/SEF-04-2018-0099

Purpose: In the current study, the significance of extreme positive returns has been investigated in the pricing of stocks in the Indian equity market. This study aims to understand if investors in India have a preference for lottery-like stocks. The existing literature provides support for MAX effe...(Read Full Abstract)

Investor reaction to extreme price shocks in stock markets: A cross country examination

  • Authors: Lalwani V., Sharma U., Chakraborty M.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: IIMB Management Review
    DOI: 10.1016/j.iimb.2019.03.004

This study attempts to investigate the presence of post event over- or under-reaction in stock markets of the top 10 countries by market capitalisation. An event is defined as an extreme price movement beyond a pre-defined threshold. Intra-day stock returns at 10-minute frequency starting from June ...(Read Full Abstract)

Liquidity of financial markets: a review

  • Authors: Tripathi A., Dixit A., Vipul
    Year: 2019 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: Studies in Economics and Finance
    DOI: 10.1108/SEF-10-2018-0319

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to systematically review and analyze the literature in the area of liquidity of financial markets. The study summarizes the key findings and approaches and highlights the research gaps in the extant literature. Design/methodology/approach: A variety of reputed d...(Read Full Abstract)

Micro-foundations for sustainable development: leadership and employee performance

  • Authors: Tripathi D., Priyadarshi P., Kumar P., Kumar S.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: International Journal of Organizational Analysis
    DOI: 10.1108/IJOA-01-2019-1622

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to take a micro-foundational perspective to identify the effective leadership style and employee work behavior in achieving the goals of sustainability. It also aims to identify the mechanism through which leaders influence employees’ performance. Design/methodo...(Read Full Abstract)

New valid inequalities for the optimal communication spanning tree problem

  • Authors: Agarwal Y.K., Venkateshan P.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: INFORMS Journal on Computing
    DOI: 10.1287/ijoc.2018.0827

The problem of designing a spanning tree on an underlying graph to minimize the flow costs of a given set of traffic demands is considered. Several new classes of valid inequalities are developed for the problem. Tests on 10-node problem instances show that the addition of these inequalities results...(Read Full Abstract)

Options pricing and short-selling in the underlying: Evidence from India

  • Authors: Dixit A., Vipul V., Singh S.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: Journal of Futures Markets
    DOI: 10.1002/fut.22040

This study provides new insights into certain recent developments in derivatives trading in India. Specifically, it examines the implications of introduction of short-selling for pricing efficiency of the Nifty 50 index derivative contracts of National Stock Exchange of India. The empirical results ...(Read Full Abstract)

What are you rating? Moderation effects of teachers’ traitedness and students’ agreeableness on curvilinear relationship between teachers’ Dark Triad and student’s rating of instructions

The current paper assessed the relationship between the Dark Triad Traits of the management teachers and the Students Rating of Instruction Quality. Furthermore, it also examined the moderating effects of the teachers’ traitedness and the students’ agreeableness on the above relationship. Using the ...(Read Full Abstract)

A generalised fuzzy TOPSIS with improved closeness coefficient

  • Authors: Dwivedi G., Srivastava R.K., Srivastava S.K.
    Year: 2018 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: Expert Systems with Applications
    DOI: 10.1016/j.eswa.2017.11.051

In this paper, we propose a Generalised-Fuzzy-TOPSIS method as a versatile evaluation model. The model is suitable for different types of fuzzy or interval-valued numbers, with or without subjective weights of criteria being defined by evaluators. Additionally, we extend the final ranking step of th...(Read Full Abstract)

A new ants interaction scheme for continuous optimization problems

  • Authors: Kumar A., Thakur M., Mittal G.
    Year: 2018 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: International Journal of Systems Assurance Engineering and Management
    DOI: 10.1007/s13198-017-0651-3

Ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithms have been used successfully to solve a wide variety of combinatorial optimization problems. In the recent past many modifications have been proposed in ACO algorithms to solve continuous optimization problems. However, most of the ACO variants to solve contin...(Read Full Abstract)

A random effects multinomial logit model for the determinants of exit modes: Evidence from a panel of US manufacturing firms

  • Authors: Irfan M., Saha S., Singh S.K.
    Year: 2018 | IIM Lucknow
    Source: Journal of Economic Studies
    DOI: 10.1108/JES-03-2017-0075

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine the factors associated with three modes of firms’ exit (voluntary liquidation, involuntary liquidation and acquisition) in a mutually exclusive environment. In particular, three modes of exit are treated as independent events given that different caus...(Read Full Abstract)