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Evaluating service quality in automobile maintenance and repair industry

  • Authors: Jain N.K., Singh A.K., Kaushik K.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics
    DOI: 10.1108/APJML-07-2018-0277

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to analyse service quality in the automobile maintenance and repair industry. A conceptual structural model is developed to investigate the impact of service quality, perceived service fairness and convenience on customer service satisfaction. The impact of serv...(Read Full Abstract)

Facilitation and whistle-blower protection by Indian firms

  • Authors: Shivaani M.V., Ranganathan T.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: Economic and Political Weekly

The policies related to whistle-blowing among the BSE 30 companies in India are analysed. In the facilitative aspect, 80% of the firms explicitly mention the reporting authority. Similarly, 80% of the firms have elaborated on how the reporting should happen, whereas only 10% of the firms allow compl...(Read Full Abstract)

Price determination for 4G service using price sensitivity model in India

  • Authors: Khandker V., Joshi K.P.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management
    DOI: 10.1057/s41272-018-0142-4

The recent launch of 4G in India initiated disruption in telecom sector with price wars. Knowing the consumers’ willingness to pay (WTP) is vital step toward the survival in such a turbulent situation. We present Van Westendorp price sensitivity model to assess the range of acceptable price as well ...(Read Full Abstract)

Responsible sourcing by improving workplace safety through buyer–supplier collaboration

  • Authors: Awasthy P., Hazra J.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: European Journal of Operational Research
    DOI: 10.1016/j.ejor.2018.10.002

In this paper, we study a problem where a buyer and a supplier collaborate to improve safety at the supplier's facility. We analyze and compare three policies; for the first policy, the buyer and the supplier jointly collaborate to improve safety at the supplier's manufacturing facility (this policy...(Read Full Abstract)

Strategizing in small informal retailers in India: Home delivery as a strategic practice

  • Authors: Pathak A.A., Kandathil G.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: Asia Pacific Journal of Management
    DOI: 10.1007/s10490-019-09662-4

Small informally organized family-owned grocery retailers—kiranas—are ubiquitous in India and have retained market dominance while facing increasing competition from large formally organized retailers (FORs). Yet, strategy literature has under-explored such informal businesses. We explore kiranas’ d...(Read Full Abstract)

Trust in humanitarian operations: a content analytic approach for an Indian NGO

  • Authors: Awasthy P., Gopakumar K.V., Gouda S.K., Haldar T.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: International Journal of Production Research
    DOI: 10.1080/00207543.2019.1566652

Trust between partners, a key element enabling coordination across supply chains, has recently started gaining attention in humanitarian operations literature. Yet, empirical examination of this concept is scant. Borrowing from extant literature on trust within organisational behaviour stream, this ...(Read Full Abstract)

What does “green quality” really mean?

  • Authors: Gouda S.K., Awasthy P., Krishnan T.S., Sreedevi R.
    Year: 2019 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: TQM Journal
    DOI: 10.1108/TQM-06-2018-0080

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to identify various dimensions of green quality. It integrates the existing carbon footprinting technique with the eight dimensions of quality proposed by Garvin (1984, 1987). Apart from extending these concepts, it also proposes two new dimensions – traceabilit...(Read Full Abstract)

Anomaly in decision making under risk: Violation of stochastic dominance among farmers in Gujarat, India

  • Authors: Ranganathan T., Gaurav S., Singh A.
    Year: 2018 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: IIMB Management Review
    DOI: 10.1016/j.iimb.2018.05.005

We investigate farmers’ decision making under risk by eliciting their willingness to pay for hypothetical risky income distributions. We also investigate whether farmers behave differently to price and yield risk. To do so, we present the risky income distributions as those with constant price and v...(Read Full Abstract)

Antecedents and outcomes of information privacy concerns: Role of subjective norm and social presence

  • Authors: Kaushik K., Kumar Jain N., Kumar Singh A.
    Year: 2018 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: Electronic Commerce Research and Applications
    DOI: 10.1016/j.elerap.2018.11.003

Online information privacy has become a growing social concern that may result in people blocking their personal information during social website interactions. The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of a disposition toward privacy, the subjective norm for disclosure, and the social pres...(Read Full Abstract)

Core self-evaluations, worry, life satisfaction, and psychological well-being: An investigation in the Asian context

  • Authors: Rathi N., Lee K.
    Year: 2018 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: International Journal of Learning and Change
    DOI: 10.1504/IJLC.2018.089535

The concept of core self-evaluations has been extensively investigated in Western and European countries, nonetheless its implications in Asian countries remains relatively unexplored. To void this gap, the current study investigated the association of core self-evaluations with worry, life satisfac...(Read Full Abstract)

Does Regulatory Flexibility Affect Risk Disclosures in Annual Report?

  • Authors: Shivaani M.V.
    Year: 2018 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management
    DOI: 10.1007/s40171-018-0196-6

Flexibility is often defined in terms of autonomy of actions, freedom of expression, balancing in competing opposites and agility in actions. Such flexibility assumes greater significance in the dynamic system in which business operates. In this mutually reinforcing system, Indian regulators have ac...(Read Full Abstract)

Estimating the Impact of Salinity Stress on Livelihood Choices and Incomes in Rural Bangladesh

  • Authors: Anik A.R., Ranjan R., Ranganathan T.
    Year: 2018 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: Journal of International Development
    DOI: 10.1002/jid.3364

This paper explores the impact of salinity on livelihood choices of rural households in south-western Bangladesh. We find interdependence among households' decisions involving various livelihood choices. High salinity reduces a household's probability of entrepreneurship while those households that ...(Read Full Abstract)

Factors encouraging complete adoption of agricultural technologies: The case of hybrid rice cultivation in India

  • Authors: Khandker V., Thakurata I.
    Year: 2018 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies
    DOI: 10.1108/JADEE-05-2016-0037

Purpose: Hybrid rice is considered as one of the technologies having the potential to push the production frontier to meet the growing demand for rice in India. The technology was introduced in India in 1994 but is yet to see widespread adoption. The purpose of this paper is to identify the factors ...(Read Full Abstract)

Hidden Costs of Offshore Outsourcing: an Analysis of Offshoring Decisions

  • Authors: Mukherjee D.
    Year: 2018 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade
    DOI: 10.1007/s10842-017-0259-y

Offshore outsourcing has grown as a form of industrial organisation to increase profitability of firms. However, offshoring may be less lucrative than envisaged, due to the presence of hidden costs. We study the strategic interaction amongst onshore Cournot firms in the decision to offshore when the...(Read Full Abstract)

Interplay between trust, information privacy concerns and behavioural intention of users on online social networks

  • Authors: Kumar S., Kumar P., Bhasker B.
    Year: 2018 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: Behaviour and Information Technology
    DOI: 10.1080/0144929X.2018.1470671

Trust and privacy features of websites have evolved as an important concern for any businesses or interactions, particularly in online networks. The study investigates the relationship between trust, privacy concerns and behavioural intention of users on the social network. The behavioural intention...(Read Full Abstract)

Pesticide usage by cotton farmers in India: Changes over a decade

  • Authors: Ranganathan T., Gaurav S., Halder I.I.
    Year: 2018 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: Economic and Political Weekly

With India emerging as a leading cotton producer in the world, and considering the large-scale adoption of Bt cotton cultivation, there is a need to understand the patterns of pesticide use by cotton farmers, especially as environmental, ecological, and health concerns surrounding pesticide use cont...(Read Full Abstract)

Services traded for intermediate and final usage: An analysis of the role of services FTAs and restrictions

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to investigate and assess the trends of bilateral services trade in the world segmented by trade for final consumption and intermediate usage across several service sectors. The differential trends, if any, are studied while examining the role of free trade agre...(Read Full Abstract)

Water scarcity and livelihoods in Bihar and West Bengal, India

  • Authors: Ranganathan T., Ranjan R., Pradhan D.
    Year: 2018 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: Oxford Development Studies
    DOI: 10.1080/13600818.2018.1447097

Through a cross-sectional survey of 1600 households, we analyse the impact of water scarcity on livelihood patterns of rural households in three districts of Bihar and West Bengal. We find significant correlation between water scarcity and livelihood profiles. Households involved in farming and rura...(Read Full Abstract)

Who Leaves Farmland Fallow and Why? An Empirical Investigation Using Nationally Representative Survey Data from India

  • Authors: Ranganathan T., Pandey G.
    Year: 2018 | IIM Nagpur
    Source: European Journal of Development Research
    DOI: 10.1057/s41287-018-0139-2

This paper investigates the determinants of the probability and proportion of owned land left fallow by farmers in India using nationally representative survey data. Using a zero-inflated beta regression, we find that having more land increased the likelihood of land being left fallow. Those with tr...(Read Full Abstract)