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Antecedents and consequences of top management team's power structure in a family business context

  • Student Name: Anita Kerai
    Subject/Area: Business Policy and Strategic Management
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Chitra Singla
    Members: Anish Sughthan, Rakesh Basant
    Keywords: Family firm research, TMT

There are differences in the goals and motivations of the family managers vis-a-vis the non-family managers of a family firm that lead to power struggles between the two cohorts. Power distribution among family and non-family managers' cohort of a family firm's top management team (TMT) determine th...(Read Full Abstract)

Change in leadership behaviour though online professional development programme: contextualising community based identity cohesion and intentionality

  • Student Name: Samvet Kuril
    Subject/Area: Ravi J. Matthai Centre For Educational Innovation
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Vijaya Sherry Chand
    Members: Kathan Shukla, Vishal Gupta
    Keywords: School leadership, Online development programme

School principals play a crucial leadership role by managing four components of their schools’ organizational capacity: teachers’ skills, professional community, technical resources, and program coherence. Though important in most contexts, leadership behaviour is particularly crucial in developing ...(Read Full Abstract)

Collaborative learning in virtual space and learning in the physical workplace: the case of in-service public-school teachers in India

  • Student Name: Deepak Maun
    Subject/Area: Ravi J. Matthai Centre For Educational Innovation
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Vijaya Sherry Chand
    Members: Ernesto Noronha, Rajeev Sharma
    Keywords: ICT, Learning in virtual space, public school, Workplace learning

The existing approach to in-service teachers’ professional development in the Indian public-school education system has often been criticized on grounds of ineffectiveness. In recent years, peer-driven, technology-mediated online communities of government school teachers built around their common in...(Read Full Abstract)

Development, climate change and Indian cities: framing and implementing policies

  • Student Name: Vidhee Avashia
    Subject/Area: Public Systems Group
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Amit Garg
    Members: Ajay Pandey, P. R. Shukla
    Keywords: Climate Change, Urban Land Transitions, Sustainable Development Goals

Cities in India are already experiencing enhanced climate variability and extremes in annual precipitation and temperature events. A city’s climate is affected both by global warming and local factors such as its built form and landscape, and studying their interactions therefore could generate sign...(Read Full Abstract)

Essays on audit committee and board composition

  • Student Name: Sakina H. Poonawala
    Subject/Area: Finance and Accounting
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Ajay Pandey
    Members: Naman Desai; Ajay Pandey
    Keywords: Board composition, Audit committee

he first essay examines audit committee composition change with respect to new members joining. Firms are argued to maintain audit committee composition as per their monitoring needs (Krishnan and Lee, 2009) and independent directors, too, are motivated to monitor effectively (Sarbanes-Oxley-A...(Read Full Abstract)

Essays on internal markets of business groups

  • Student Name: Chittaranjan Kalubandi Sai
    Subject/Area: Business Policy and Strategic Management
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Amit Karna
    Members: Rakesh Basant, Anish Sugathan
    Keywords: Markets of business groups, CSR

In three essays, I examine how access to internal markets of business groups impacts affiliate firms’ behavior.In the first essay, I examined the importance of business group affiliation, prior internationalization of incumbent affiliates, and interlocking directorates within the business group in t...(Read Full Abstract)

Higher education in India: efficiency, quality and sustainability aspects

  • Student Name: Samudra Sen
    Subject/Area: Public Systems Group
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Abhiman Das
    Members: Ravindra H. Dholkia, Sunil K. Maheswari
    Keywords: Higher education, Data Envelopment Analysis, efficiency, productivity, quality, sustainable development, sustainability, university, Malmquist productivity index

In a world where data and information are ubiquitous and omnipotent, education plays a prominent role in almost all aspects of modern life. Governments and various global agencies ramp up their efforts for propagating education at all levels. Research on education has focussed on various aspects of ...(Read Full Abstract)

Regulatory reforms and state supervised corporate bankruptcy reorganization

  • Student Name: Qambar Abidi
    Subject/Area: Finance and Accounting
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Sidharth Sinha
    Members: Joshy Jacob, Karthik Sriram
    Keywords: Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy code reforms, Creditor protection, Reorganization efficiency, Bankruptcy courts, Credit market

Bankruptcy code is an important determinant of the balance of control between creditors and debtors, during the state-supervised bankruptcy resolution process. In this thesis, across three essays, we study two bankruptcy code reforms: Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act 2005 (BAP...(Read Full Abstract)

Studies in Indian equity derivatives market

  • Student Name: Sonali Jain
    Subject/Area: Finance and Accounting
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Jayanth R. Varma
    Members: Sobhesh Kumar Agarwalla, Ajay Pandey
    Keywords: equity derivatives market, SSF market

Indian equity derivatives market is one of the largest derivatives markets in the world, with highly liquid index futures, Single-stock futures (SSFs), index options and Single-stock options (SSOs). We explore the dynamics of this market across three studies. In the first study, we show that price-d...(Read Full Abstract)

The impact of non-volitional interferences on product evaluation and choice

  • Student Name: Ankur Kapoor
    Subject/Area: Marketing and Advertising
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: ArvindSahay
    Members: Neharika Vohra, Aruna Divya T.
    Keywords: Branding, Product evaluation

The integration of our lives with internet, smartphones and wearable devices has made interferences (such as interruptions and distractions) pervasive. This research investigates the impact of such interferences on information processing, and on downstream effects related to product evaluation and c...(Read Full Abstract)

The influence of perception of performance management system and regulatory focus on work engagement

  • Student Name: Shiva Kakkar
    Subject/Area: Organizational Behaviour
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Neharika Vohra
    Members: Pradyumana Khokle, Vishal Gupta
    Keywords: PMS, performance management system, work engagement, PANAS

The relationship between perception of performance management systems (PMS) and work engagement is the main focus of this study. It is postulated that employee perception of performance management system (PPMS) determines their engagement with work by altering their internal motivational state. Usin...(Read Full Abstract)

The trajectory of forgiveness in workplace bullying: a hermeneutic phenomenological study of target coping

  • Student Name: Nidhi Mishra
    Subject/Area: Organizational Behaviour
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Premilla D'Cruz
    Members: Parvinder Gupta, Ernesto Noronha
    Keywords: Work and Employment, Workplace Bullying

Forgiveness as a coping strategy in the context of workplace bullying has been largely overlooked, being evidenced by only few studies (D'Cruz & Noronha, 2012a and 2018b). Alternatively, forgiveness which is often conceptualized as a constructive means of dealing with adverse interpersonal experienc...(Read Full Abstract)

Toward a better understanding of negation and brand recall memory

  • Student Name: Sudipta Mandal
    Subject/Area: Marketing and Advertising
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Arvind Sahay
    Members: Vijaylakshmi, Akshaya; Agarwal, Promila; Tripathi, Sanjeev
    Keywords: Brand, Consumer judgements

Consumers rely heavily on their memories during decision-making. Consequently, the ability of consumers to recall brand-related information plays a vital role in their purchasing decisions. In this context, our research focuses on how negation (vs. affirmation) impacts brand recall memory through tw...(Read Full Abstract)

A study of the performance of mutual funds in India

  • Student Name:  Anish Shankar Menon
    Subject/Area: Finance and Accounting
    Year: 2018 | IIM Bangalore
    Chair Person: M. S. Narasimhan
    Members: Ashok Thampy, S.G. Badrinath
    Keywords: Financial management, Mutual Funds

A Non-Productive Aspect of Disability: Marriage and Familial Life for Disabled Women in India

  • Student Name: Sankalpa Satapathy
    Subject/Area: Public Policy and Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Calcutta
    Chair Person: Annapurna Shaw
    Keywords: Disability, marriage and familial Life

Women within the minority group of disabled people are further marginalized due to their gender which is corroborated by their lower chances at education, employment and social relations. My thesis explores the attitudes of disabled women towards intimate relationships to understand the social lives...(Read Full Abstract)

A process evaluation of Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) enrolment process: Lens of accountability

  • Student Name: Deepika Saluja
    Subject/Area: Public Systems Group
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Ankur Sarin
    Members: Sharon Barnhardt, Rama Mohana Turaga, Ramesh Bhat
    Keywords: Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana, Public health programmes

Increased accountability (through increased efficiency, cost reduction and expertise of private actors) has been used as one of the primary justifications for encouraging private sector participation in the public health programmes in developing countries like India (Brinkerhoff, 2004; Blanchett & T...(Read Full Abstract)

A strategic view of refurbished goods

  • Student Name: Pinaki Roy
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Arnab K Laha
    Members: Neharika Vohra, Sanjeev Tripathi
    Keywords: Refurbished goods, Decoy effect, Price fairness, Institutional trust

'Refurbished goods' are goods that are deemed unfit for sale at full price for a variety of reasons regarding their perceived or actual quality deficiency. These goods are then 'refurbished' i.e. brought back to full functionality till they reach original manufacturing specifications. Such products ...(Read Full Abstract)

A study on consumer behavior post online service failure: exploring the role of social media

  • Student Name: Khadija Ali Vakeel
    Subject/Area: Human Resources Management (HRM) & Organizational Behaviour (OB)
    Year: 2018 | IIM Indore
    Chair Person: Shubhamoy Dey
    Members: Sanjog Ray, Jayasimha K. R.
    Keywords: Service failure, Social media, Attribution Theory, Word-of-Mouth, Electroniccommerce, Flash Sales

Internet has transformed the way companies conduct and market their business. The concentration has now shifted from traditional retailing to technology based online retailing. Service quality such as on-time delivery, ease of website navigation has recently gained attention in online environment. I...(Read Full Abstract)

Additive manufacturing: Exploration of barriers to technology implementation, selection models, and supply chain decisions

  • Student Name: Gourav Dwivedi
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Lucknow
    Chair Person: Rajiv K. Srivastava
    Members: Samir K. Srivastava, Yogesh K. Agarwal
    Keywords: Additive manufacturing, Additive manufacturing in the Automotive sector

Affordance-based interestingness in augmented association rule mining

  • Student Name: Rupal Sethi
    Subject/Area: Decision Sciences & Information Systems
    Year: 2018 | IIM Bangalore
    Chair Person: B. Shekar
    Members: De Rahul
    Keywords: Data mining, Decision Science, Dataset