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A process evaluation of Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) enrolment process: Lens of accountability

  • Student Name: Deepika Saluja
    Subject/Area: Public Systems Group
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Ankur Sarin
    Members: Sharon Barnhardt, Rama Mohana Turaga, Ramesh Bhat
    Keywords: Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana, Public health programmes

Increased accountability (through increased efficiency, cost reduction and expertise of private actors) has been used as one of the primary justifications for encouraging private sector participation in the public health programmes in developing countries like India (Brinkerhoff, 2004; Blanchett & T...(Read Full Abstract)

A strategic view of refurbished goods

  • Student Name: Pinaki Roy
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Arnab K Laha
    Members: Neharika Vohra, Sanjeev Tripathi
    Keywords: Refurbished goods, Decoy effect, Price fairness, Institutional trust

'Refurbished goods' are goods that are deemed unfit for sale at full price for a variety of reasons regarding their perceived or actual quality deficiency. These goods are then 'refurbished' i.e. brought back to full functionality till they reach original manufacturing specifications. Such products ...(Read Full Abstract)

An empirical exploration of education and inequality - Three essays

  • Student Name: P. K. V. Kishan
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Abhiman Das
    Members: Ravindra H. Dholakia, Errol D'Souza
    Keywords: Education inequality

Education has been reckoned as means through which life chances of the poor and the disadvantaged improve. However, prior research has also attributed education as being one of the key channels by which economic inequality is perpetuated in the society. Hence, to understand the interplay between edu...(Read Full Abstract)

An experimental investigation of advertising effectiveness in roadblock advertising

  • Student Name: Biswajita Parida
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Arvind Sahay
    Members: Abhishek, Aruna Divya T
    Keywords: Roadblock advertising, Repetition, Preference, Brand, Memory, Recall, Attitude

Recent years have seen growing use of Roadblock Advertising' by media planners to enhance advertising effectiveness. Many companies (Hutch, Aircel, ITC, Viacom 18, Nestle, Nokia, Volkswagon, Real fire extinguisher, Vodafone, Wagh Bakri) have invested in Roadblock advertising in the recent past. Road...(Read Full Abstract)

Beauty service work as dirty work: Understanding employee's lived experiences

  • Student Name: Avina Jenifa Mendonca
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Premilla D'Cruz
    Members: Parvinder Gupta, Ernesto Noronha
    Keywords: Beauty service workers, Salon service

Beauty service work, an emergent industry in the contemporary business context, has earlier been studied as bodywork and interactive service work. The present study explores the subjective experiences of beauty service workers and in the process aims to understand the underexplored dirty work dimens...(Read Full Abstract)

Change point, prediction and classification with functional data

  • Student Name: Poonam Rathi
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Arnab Kumar Laha
    Members: Chetan Soman, Joshy Jacob
    Keywords: Functional data analysis

Functional data consists of a collection of curves (or functions) defined on a finite subset of some interval. In this dissertation, we discuss change point, prediction and classification problems with functional data.
In change point problem, assuming that the functional data are random sa...(Read Full Abstract)

Choice determinants and comparative evaluation of agri-output marketing channels - A farmers' perspective

  • Student Name: Aashish Argade
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Arnab Kumar Laha
    Members: Vijay Paul Sharma, Anand Kumar Jaiswal
    Keywords: Agricultural marketing, E-trading

Agricultural marketing, regulated by the state APMC Acts of 1960s for over four decades, was found wanting in expanding services, securing better returns to farmers, and ensuring low prices of farm commodities to consumers. Reforms were introduced in the sector to encourage competition to APMCs, red...(Read Full Abstract)

Essays on Corporate Social Performance (CSP) & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A global to firm level analysis

  • Student Name: Debdatta Mukherjee
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Amit Garg
    Members: Abhiman Das, Sathish Deaodhar, Maheshwari, Sunil
    Keywords: Country-level institutions, Industry and firm-level factors, Panel Data Analysis, Difference in differences estimation, Corporate social responsibility, Corporate social performance

In recent years, there is a growing interest about corporate social responsibility (CSR) of firms in both academic literature and business world. Here, the underlying rationale is that since business forms a part of society, incorporating socio-environment concerns into its value chain activities is...(Read Full Abstract)

Essays on Frontline workers' motivation and performance under public programs: A multi-method study

  • Student Name: Shuchi Srinivasan
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Ankur Sarin
    Members: Sharon Barnhard, Ajay Pandey, Dileep Mavalankar
    Keywords: Frontline behaviour, Decision making

Frontline workers constitute a critical part of the implementation cadre within public policies, serving a significant role in the delivery of public goods and services. This dissertation examines frontline workers' work environment, the role of incentives and of prosocial behavior in affecting task...(Read Full Abstract)

Essays on online hyperlocal food service marketplaces

  • Student Name: Kavitha Chetana Didugu
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Chetan Soman
    Members: Sachin Jayaswal, Dirk Pieter Van Donk
    Keywords: E-commerce, Food service business, Supply network design, Quick service restaurants

Owing to the e-commerce revolution, food service business is shifting from being the traditional brick-and-mortar dine-in restaurant to being an online food ordering business. Although the online food service delivery business is gaining mass acceptance all over the world, there appears to be limite...(Read Full Abstract)

Essays on share repurchases

  • Student Name: Suman Saurabh
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Joshy Jacob
    Members: Ajay Pandey, Arnab Kumar Laha
    Keywords: Open market repurchases, Stock markets, Corporate financial policies

This dissertation comprises three essays, which empirically examine the influence of investor and managerial irrationality on open market repurchases (OMRs) in the US market.
In the first essay, we examine the systematic differences in the initial market response, long-run abnormal returns,...(Read Full Abstract)

Explorations in modeling and forecast assessment of energy derivatives

  • Student Name: Deepak Bisht
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Arnab K. Laha
    Members: Ravindra H. Dholakia, Satish Y. Deodhar
    Keywords: Agricultural commodity futures, Stochastic string models, Commodity markets, Future markets

Amid economic and geopolitical uncertainty, energy commodities have gone through abrupt shifts in supply and demand dynamics during the last decade. This has caused unprecedented price volatility. To manage excessive price fluctuation, a firm may prefer to hedge its production or consumption. When d...(Read Full Abstract)

Hub interdiction problems: Models and solution approaches

  • Student Name: Prasanna R
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Sachin Jayaswal
    Members: Ankur Sinha, Navneet Vidyarthi
    Keywords: Benders decomposition, Decision making

Hub-and-spoke networks are used in the operations of businesses like telecommunication, transportation and energy systems. The network has special facilities known as hubs which act as interim nodes between source and destination nodes in the network. Flows from the same origin with different destin...(Read Full Abstract)

Integrating water and energy systems for India

  • Student Name: Saritha S Vishwanathan
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Amit Garg
    Members: Ravindra H. Dholakia, P.R. Shukla
    Keywords: Energy system, Energy water and climate change

The Paris Climate Change Agreement (PCCA, 2015) calls for holding global warming during 1850-2100 to 2 C and well below 2 C, mainly through nationally determined contributions (NDCs). United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG, 2015) also emphasize on global targets for sustainable actions fo...(Read Full Abstract)

Private sector participation and container terminal efficiency issues and evidence from India

  • Student Name: G V Radhakrishnan
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: G Raghuram
    Members: TT Ram Mohan, Ravindra H Dholakia, Debjit Roy
    Keywords: Private sector participation, Container terminal

Greater Private Sector Participation (PSP) is widely considered an effective means to enhance the competitiveness of a nation's port sector. In this context, the thesis presents a comprehensive analysis of container terminal efficiency and productivity in India. It evaluates and explains performance...(Read Full Abstract)

Why are "free" policy benefits left on the table?: Examining the role & cost-effectiveness of informational assistance strategies on policy take-up in India

  • Student Name: Akshay Milap
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Ankur Sarin
    Members: Navdeep Mathur, Sharon Barnhardt, Vaibhavi Kulkarni
    Keywords: Policy take-up, Welfare benefits, Right to Education (RTE), Information-based interventions, Randomized Control Trials (RCTs), Communication strategies, Randomized Control Trials (RCTs), Impact evaluation, ,Evidence Based-Practice (EBP), Cost-effectivenes

'Non-take-up' of welfare benefits has emerged as a recurring empirical phenomenon across social welfare schemes around the world. People from disadvantaged backgrounds are often seen not utilizing 'free' benefits they are entitled for and in greatest need of. Numerous studies have pointed to incompl...(Read Full Abstract)

'Indirect' impact of high-performers on their subordinates' careers

  • Student Name:  Pearl Malhotra
    Year: 2017 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Manjari Singh
    Members: Biju Varkkey, Promila Agarwal
    Keywords: High-performers as managers, Manager-subordinate relationships, Impact of high-performers on subordinates, Top performers

Studies propound that the intentional effort of the managers to contribute towards their subordinates' growth and satisfaction leads to a positive impact on the latter's career advancement (Dulebohn et al., 2012; Scandura & Schriesheim, 1994). We posit that in addition to this "direct" impact, high...(Read Full Abstract)

A framework to analyse the telecommunications policy process in India

  • Student Name: Rishabh Dara
    Year: 2017 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Rekha Jain
    Members: Navdeep Mathur, Varadharajan Sridhar
    Keywords: Telecommunication policy in India, Spectrum management, Interconnection usages

Theories of the policy process refer to the body of theories that may be used as a lens to develop a structured view of the public policy process. What strikingly emerges from a review of literature is that academicians from the United States have been at the forefront of most academic contributions...(Read Full Abstract)

Antecedents and consequences of job crafting by school teachers

  • Student Name: Sanket Sunand Dash
    Year: 2017 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person:  Neharika Vohra
    Members:  Pradyumana W Khokle, Manjari Singh
    Keywords: Job crafting behavior of teachers, Psychological empowerment, Work alienation, Leadership

The effects of facilitating factors within a school, such as leadership style and psychological empowerment, on job crafting behavior of teachers were explored. Wrzesniewski and Dutton (2001) defined job crafting as employee-initiated actions that modify the task or relational boundaries of their wo...(Read Full Abstract)

Contradictions between identity and image of an organization: Exploring responses in new entrepreneurial ventures

  • Student Name: Supriya Sharma
    Year: 2017 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person:  Pradyumana W Khokle
    Members: Neharika Vohra, Vaibhavi Kulkarni
    Keywords: Organizational identification, New entrepreneurial ventures,

Organizational identity, defined as members' constructions about who we are as an organization (Gioia & Patvardhan, 2012), is considered as the core of organizational cognition and action. However, the understanding of change and evolution of organizational identity is limited. Particularly, studies...(Read Full Abstract)