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Aligning decarbonization of energy systems and sustainable development in India: synergies and tradeoffs

  • Student Name: Dipti Gupta
    Subject/Area: Public Systems Group
    Year: 2020 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Amit Garg
    Members: Abhiman Das, P. R. Shukla, Frederic Ghersi
    Keywords: Energy systems, Aligning decarbonization, Sustainable development goals, Energy, Environment, Economy, Indian energy sector

Although a rapidly growing economy, India faces many challenges on energy access and clean energy echoing some of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Moreover, post-2020 climate actions outlined in India’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) under the Paris agreement envisi...(Read Full Abstract)

Coordination in sharing economy: a study of ride-hailing platforms

  • Student Name: Harit Joshi
    Subject/Area: Production and Quantitative Methods
    Year: 2020 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Saral Mukherjee
    Members: Diptesh Ghosh, Anindya S. Chakrabarti, Jayendran Venkateswaran
    Keywords: Sharing economy, Ride-hailing platforms, Economic system, Operations management, Supply chain management

Recent years have witnessed an emergence of sharing economy, defined as an economic system in which assets or services are shared between private individuals. Ride-hailing has emerged as a key area of sharing based business models as cars are resources with high value and low utilization. Further, t...(Read Full Abstract)

Decision models for e-hailing taxi platforms

  • Student Name: Arulanantha Prabu P. M.
    Subject/Area: Production and Quantitative Methods
    Year: 2020 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Debjit Roy, Prahalad Venkateshan
    Members: Asoo J Vakharia
    Keywords: E-hailing taxi platforms, Traditional taxi market, Taxi operator, Decision models, Capacity decisions,

Uber, Ola, Didi, and Lyft are examples of successful e-hailing taxi platforms. In this thesis, we aim to develop decision models for such platforms. In the first essay, for an e-hailing taxi operation, we analyze the driver's profit maximizing reactive strategy (best evaluation criteria to either ac...(Read Full Abstract)

Essays on electoral democracy and development

  • Student Name: Mitul Surana
    Subject/Area: Economics
    Year: 2020 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Errol D'Souza
    Members: Ankur Sarin, Pritha Dev
    Keywords: Electoral democracy, Consumption expenditure, Identity politics and economic, Party identity, Bahujan Samaj Party, Bhartiya Janata Party, BJP

This dissertation consists of three independent essays on electoral democracy and development. In the first essay, we examine whether political parties that are formed along ethnic identities target material benefits along ethnic lines. We examine this question in the context of two ethnic parties -...(Read Full Abstract)

Essays on financial intermediation

  • Student Name: Balagopal Gopalakrishnan
    Subject/Area: Finance and Accounting
    Year: 2020 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Joshy Jacob
    Members: Ajay Pandey, Sanket Mohapatra
    Keywords: Financial intermediation, Public sector banks, Credit risk choices, Private sector banks

We present three essays on financial intermediation in this dissertation. The first essay examines the credit risk choices of the public sector banks (PSBs) in India with novel data that identifies borrowers with their banks by ownership type. We determine the ownership type of the lender bank assoc...(Read Full Abstract)

Essays on inflation expectations

  • Student Name: Gaurav Kumar Singh
    Subject/Area: Production and Quantitative Methods
    Year: 2020 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Tathagata Bandyopadhyay
    Members: Errol D’souza, Abhiman Das, Apratim Guha
    Keywords: Inflation expectations, Macroeconomic, Economic theory, Policy-making, Investment decisions

Logistics companies are adopting automated technologies for material handling operations in intralogistics facilities, such as sea container terminals and distribution warehouses, to improve operational efficiency and meet customer expectations of higher service levels. While automated technologies ...(Read Full Abstract)

Firm aspirations, resource orchestration and performance: a study of Indian firms

  • Student Name: Nycil George
    Subject/Area: Business Policy and Strategic Management
    Year: 2020 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Amit Karna
    Members: Sunil Sharma, Vishal Gupta
    Keywords: Resource investment, Resource deployment , Behavioural theory, Analysing investments, Organizational action

Resource orchestration is characterized by a series of firm-level strategic actions – from search and selection of assets (resource investment) to the bundling and leveraging of these assets (resource deployment) – and represents a mature stage of the resource-based theory. In this thesis, we invest...(Read Full Abstract)

Governance and economic growth in the Indian states

  • Student Name: Pavneet Singh
    Subject/Area: Economics
    Year: 2020 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Errol D'Souza
    Members: Tathagata Bandyopadhyay, Ravindra Dholakia
    Keywords: Economic growth, Fiscal performance, Dimensions of accountability, State capacity, Good governance

In Essay 1, I have assimilated a unique dataset of 30 indicators across three broad dimensions of Accountability, State Capacity and Fiscal Performance. Building on theoretical considerations from the New Institutional Economics literature and the literature on State Capacity, I aggregate these indi...(Read Full Abstract)

Impact of order of presentation and prominent presentation of brand and attribute on consumers’ willingness to pay

  • Student Name: Priya Narayanan
    Subject/Area: Marketing
    Year: 2020 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Arvind Sahay
    Members: Neharika Vohra, Aruna Divya T.
    Keywords: Presentation, Consumers willingness to pay, Brand, Product attribute, WTP

How does differential presentation of the components of a product – brand and attribute(s) – impact consumers’ willingness to pay (WTP) for the product? In this thesis, we attempt to answer this question through two essays. In essay 1, a series of five studies analyze the impact of sequential presen...(Read Full Abstract)

Media, cognition and assemblage perspectives on ICT in education: a three-part study in an early-adopter Indian school

  • Student Name: Prateek Shah
    Subject/Area: Management Information Systems
    Year: 2020 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Vijaya Sherry Chand
    Members: Rajeev Sharma, Sanjay Chandrasekharan
    Keywords: Digital technology, Education systems, Digital media, Educational institutions, Educational technology research

Digital technology is expected to change education systems, and discussions around the nature of this change have started to move beyond technocentrism or unfounded optimism, to focus on the nuances of integrating digital technology into the education system. This thesis attempts to bring together t...(Read Full Abstract)

Multitype branching process: extensions, inferences and applications

  • Student Name: Sumit Kumar Yadav
    Subject/Area: Production and Quantitative Methods
    Year: 2020 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Arnab Kumar Laha
    Members: Sachin Jayaswal, Karthik Sriram
    Keywords: Bisexual branching process, Multitype branching process, Structured branching process, Varying environments

The idea of a simple branching process is that a parent produces offsprings. They then further take the role of parents and produce o springs, and the processes continue either until infinity or until extinction. We relax the assumptions of simple branching process and introduce age structure in the...(Read Full Abstract)

Spatial topology of urban policy assemblage: a post-structuralist analysis of making of India’s smart cities

  • Student Name: Harsh Mittal
    Subject/Area: Public Systems Group
    Year: 2020 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Navdeep Mathur
    Members: Ankur Sarin, Katharina T. Paul, Solomon J.Benjamin
    Keywords: Spatial topology, Urban policy, India’s smart cities, Smart cities mission, Knowledge production

Drawing on post-structuralist theories of space, power and policy-making, I examine the policy processes enveloping Smart Cities Mission (SCM), a flagship scheme of the Indian central government. Following act as guiding research questions: How do practices of knowledge production over smart cities ...(Read Full Abstract)

Stochastic modeling and analysis of automated Intra-logistics systems

  • Student Name: Govind Lal Kumawat
    Subject/Area: Production and Quantitative Methods
    Year: 2020 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Debjit Roy
    Members: Arnab Kumar Laha, Rene De Koster
    Keywords: Stochastic modeling, Intra-logistics systems, Logistics, Supply chain network

“Expectations about macroeconomic variables play an important role in economic theory and policy-making. Household inflation expectations are key to understanding household consumption and investment decisions, and hence these ultimately impact the monetary policies. Yet how these expectations are f...(Read Full Abstract)

Three essays on interest rate modeling

  • Student Name: Sudarshan Kumar
    Subject/Area: Finance and Accounting
    Year: 2020 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Vineet Virmani
    Members: Arnab K. Laha, Jayanth R. Varma
    Keywords: Interest rate modeling, Indian bond markets, Economic theory, Liquidity-augmented models

This dissertation presents three essays that explore and propose methodological modifications to adapt yield curve modeling to the context of emerging markets using data from Indian bond markets. While no arbitrage affine term structure models are theoretically attractive for modeling the yield curv...(Read Full Abstract)

Urban land use and the heat island effect

  • Student Name: Arpit Shah
    Subject/Area: Public Systems Group
    Year: 2020 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Amit Garg
    Members: R. H. Dholakia, Vimal Mishra, P. R. Shukla
    Keywords: Urban green spaces, Local cooling effects, Urban heat island, Bengaluru, Remote sensing, Urban growth modelling

Higher urban temperatures, driven by the urban heat island (UHI) effect, have several negative health and economic implications such as heat stroke and higher air conditioning usage. The UHI is linked to urban land use. With India’s urban population set to increase to 877 million by 2050, it becomes...(Read Full Abstract)

Antecedents and consequences of top management team's power structure in a family business context

  • Student Name: Anita Kerai
    Subject/Area: Business Policy and Strategic Management
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Chitra Singla
    Members: Anish Sughthan, Rakesh Basant
    Keywords: Family firm research, TMT

There are differences in the goals and motivations of the family managers vis-a-vis the non-family managers of a family firm that lead to power struggles between the two cohorts. Power distribution among family and non-family managers' cohort of a family firm's top management team (TMT) determine th...(Read Full Abstract)

Change in leadership behaviour though online professional development programme: contextualising community based identity cohesion and intentionality

  • Student Name: Samvet Kuril
    Subject/Area: Ravi J. Matthai Centre For Educational Innovation
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Vijaya Sherry Chand
    Members: Kathan Shukla, Vishal Gupta
    Keywords: School leadership, Online development programme

School principals play a crucial leadership role by managing four components of their schools’ organizational capacity: teachers’ skills, professional community, technical resources, and program coherence. Though important in most contexts, leadership behaviour is particularly crucial in developing ...(Read Full Abstract)

Collaborative learning in virtual space and learning in the physical workplace: the case of in-service public-school teachers in India

  • Student Name: Deepak Maun
    Subject/Area: Ravi J. Matthai Centre For Educational Innovation
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Vijaya Sherry Chand
    Members: Ernesto Noronha, Rajeev Sharma
    Keywords: ICT, Learning in virtual space, public school, Workplace learning

The existing approach to in-service teachers’ professional development in the Indian public-school education system has often been criticized on grounds of ineffectiveness. In recent years, peer-driven, technology-mediated online communities of government school teachers built around their common in...(Read Full Abstract)

Development, climate change and Indian cities: framing and implementing policies

  • Student Name: Vidhee Avashia
    Subject/Area: Public Systems Group
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Amit Garg
    Members: Ajay Pandey, P. R. Shukla
    Keywords: Climate Change, Urban Land Transitions, Sustainable Development Goals

Cities in India are already experiencing enhanced climate variability and extremes in annual precipitation and temperature events. A city’s climate is affected both by global warming and local factors such as its built form and landscape, and studying their interactions therefore could generate sign...(Read Full Abstract)

Essays on audit committee and board composition

  • Student Name: Sakina H. Poonawala
    Subject/Area: Finance and Accounting
    Year: 2019 | IIM Ahmedabad
    Chair Person: Ajay Pandey
    Members: Naman Desai; Ajay Pandey
    Keywords: Board composition, Audit committee

he first essay examines audit committee composition change with respect to new members joining. Firms are argued to maintain audit committee composition as per their monitoring needs (Krishnan and Lee, 2009) and independent directors, too, are motivated to monitor effectively (Sarbanes-Oxley-A...(Read Full Abstract)