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Assessing the Stages of Lean Implementation in the Context of Healthcare Services

  • Student Name: Gopalakrishnan
    Subject/Area: Production and Quantitative Methods
    Year: 2018 | IIM Kozhikode

In general, adapting Lean Thinking (LT) in an organisation consists of broadly three stages: getting ready for implementing LT by satisfying the prerequisites, implementation of LT principles and practices, and finally the assessment of extent of leanness attained by the organization. Though several...(Read Full Abstract)

Cognitive Business Intelligence System: Framework and Applications

  • Student Name: Shyam A V
    Subject/Area: Information Systems & Information Technology
    Year: 2018 | IIM Kozhikode

This research proposes a Cognitive Business Intelligence framework which is a novel conceptualization of Business Intelligence. This framework can be used to develop systems that can take decisions that closely resemble human decision-making process. The framework has been implemented (through Matla...(Read Full Abstract)

Facilitators and Inhibitors in achieving Sustained Information System Effectiveness in Indian Banks

  • Student Name: Roy D J
    Subject/Area: Information Systems & Information Technology
    Year: 2018 | IIM Kozhikode
    Keywords: Information system, information systems effectiveness

An information system (IS) is effective when it is successfully implemented, effectively put to use and caters to the needs of the end user community. An example of such an information system is the core banking solution (CBS), which is extensively used by many banks all over the world. A CBS primar...(Read Full Abstract)

Flow and Salesperson Performance - A Positive Psychology Approach

  • Student Name: Teidorlang Lyngdoh
    Subject/Area: Marketing and Advertising
    Year: 2018 | IIM Kozhikode

Researchers and practitioners explored factors that influenced salesperson performance since a long time (Churchill et al. 1985; Vinchur et al. 1998; Verbeke et al, 2011). More recently, the changes in selling environment, increased product complexity, ever demanding customers and technological adva...(Read Full Abstract)

How Co-workers Make Sense of Romance at Work: An Attribution Model of Workplace Romance Motives

  • Student Name: Neetha Azeez
    Subject/Area: Human Resources Management (HRM) & Organizational Behaviour (OB)
    Year: 2018 | IIM Kozhikode

Workplace has become a common arena for romantic relationships to bud and blossom. The pervasive nature and the potential of workplace romance (WR) to affect the organizational dynamics warrant scholarly attention in this under-researched field. It is not the relational participants alone who are af...(Read Full Abstract)

List Price Versus Deal Price Based Internal Reference Points in Deal evaluation: The Influences of Contextual Prices, Price-promotions, and their Dispersions

  • Student Name: Rajesh Kumar Sinha
    Subject/Area: Marketing and Advertising
    Year: 2018 | IIM Kozhikode

A reference price (RP) is a price belief or standard against which a product's price is evaluated. Marketing scholars accept the influence of RP on consumer decision making as empirical generalization. Although, numerous conceptualizations of RP exist in the literature (e.g., normal price, last paid...(Read Full Abstract)

Role of Institutional Investors in Emerging Economy Firms: The Case of Internationalization

  • Student Name: Vidya S Panicker
    Subject/Area: Business Policy and Strategic Management
    Year: 2018 | IIM Kozhikode
    Keywords: Economy

Extant literature acknowledges the increasing involvement of institutional investors in strategic decisions of a firm in developed as well as emerging economies. Such institutional investors may be foreign (FII) or domestic (pressure resistant or pressure sensitive types). Based on this classificati...(Read Full Abstract)

Three essays on the Indian equity options on market

  • Student Name: Abhishek kumar Singh
    Subject/Area: Finance and Accounting
    Year: 2017 | IIM Kozhikode
    Chair Person: S.S.S. Kumar
    Members: Sony Thomas, Kaushik Ganopadhyay
    Keywords: Indian options market, ATM Options, Quaterly Earnings Announcements(QEAs)

Are options performative, has incited great interest, much puzzlement and considerable confusion among the academician and practitioners. Although the impact of options on market is studied significatly for the developed economies, the potential role of options in the emerging markets like India has...(Read Full Abstract)

Enabling mechanisms of top management team processes for organisational ambidexterity in SMEs

  • Student Name: Aparna Venugopal
    Subject/Area: Human Resources Management (HRM) & Organizational Behaviour (OB)
    Year: 2016 | IIM Kozhikode
    Chair Person: Krishnan T.N.
    Members: Manish Kumar, Rajesh S. Upadhyayula
    Keywords: Organisational ambidexterity, Balanced ambidexterity, Combined ambidexterity, top management team

Business organizations need to simultaneously exploit existing competencies and explore new oppertunities for its long-term effectiveness and to sustain competitiveness in a dynamic environment. Organizational ambidexterity is an organization's ability to simultaneously pursue both exploration explo...(Read Full Abstract)

Individual -level resources and social entrepreneurship: The effect of national institutional context

  • Student Name: Sreevas sahasranamam
    Subject/Area: Business Policy and Strategic Management
    Year: 2016 | IIM Kozhikode
    Chair Person: Mahesh Bhave
    Members: Nandakumar M.K., Kaushik ganopadhyay
    Keywords: Social entrepreneurship, Individual-level resources National Institutions

The phenomenon of social entrepreneurship, defined as an entrepreneurial activity with the explicit objective to address societal issues, has attracted the attention of policy-makers and practitioners around the world. There has been a significant growth in the number of social enterprises around th...(Read Full Abstract)

Multi criteria gain loss method for informed decision making

  • Student Name: Ram Kumar Dhurkari
    Subject/Area: Information Systems & Information Technology
    Year: 2016 | IIM Kozhikode
    Chair Person: A. K. Swain
    Members: Radhakrishna Pillai, Sridhar Guda
    Keywords: Variability, Project Perfomence, Quantitative and Qualitative approach

Decision analysis is primarily a prescriptive discipline, built upon normative and descriptive foundations. In all decision making situations, an individual decision maker (DM) arrive at any decision through some conscious and unconscious processes of their brain. In a conscious decision making situ...(Read Full Abstract)

Role of variability in project performance: A few theoretic investigations

  • Student Name: Milind Shrikant Padalkar
    Subject/Area: Operations Management
    Year: 2016 | IIM Kozhikode
    Chair Person: Saji Gopinath
    Members: Rupesh Kumar Pati, Deepak Dayanithy
    Keywords: Gametheoretic structure

There is sufficient empirical evidence that project performance continues to be problematic despite over six decades of research and practice attention. Theories of project management remain weak while research adheres to a dominant deterministic paradigm to search for explanations through conceptua...(Read Full Abstract)

SVDD Variants for anomaly detection with implementations using HADOOP & SPARK

  • Student Name: Rekha A. G.
    Subject/Area: Information Systems & Information Technology
    Year: 2016 | IIM Kozhikode
    Chair Person: Mohammed Shahid Abdulla
    Members: Ashraf S., Saji Gopinath
    Keywords: Data analysis, Support vector data description(SVDD) technique, LT-SVDD, ELT-SVDD, PELT-SVDD

Big data analitics facility better informed business decision through the analysis of large data sets that remain unexploited by traditional business intelligence systems. 'Big Data' as input enhances the inferential power of established algorithm, but its challenges even state-of-the-artcomputation...(Read Full Abstract)

The role of ICT in improving the quality of healthcare

  • Student Name: Nikunj Agarwal
    Subject/Area: Information Systems & Information Technology
    Year: 2016 | IIM Kozhikode
    Chair Person: M. P. Sebastian
    Members: Mohammed Shahid Abdulla, Omkumar Krishnan
    Keywords: ICT, Healthcare, India, Home Health Provisioning System (HHPS)

This thesis investigated the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in improving the quality of healthcare in India. Drawing from the literature on clinical healthcare technologies and anecdotal evidence from the literature on the doctors and patients of Home Health Provisioning System (HHPS...(Read Full Abstract)

Understanding consumer motivations to share rumours in the market place

  • Student Name: Subin Sudhir
    Subject/Area: Marketing and Advertising
    Year: 2016 | IIM Kozhikode
    Chair Person: Anandakuttan B. unnithan
    Members: Keyoor Purani, Unnikrishnan K. Nair
    Keywords: Consumer motivations, Romours, Marketing communication

Rumours have always been an interesting aspect of investigation in interpersonal communication. Koenig (1985) suggested that rumours are the dominant form of Word of Mouth (WOM) in mass circulation. A rumour is defined as "an unverified and instrumentally relevant information statement in circulatio...(Read Full Abstract)

User technology readings in ICT for social development initiations

  • Student Name: Supriya K. K.
    Subject/Area: Information Systems & Information Technology
    Year: 2016 | IIM Kozhikode
    Chair Person: Dr. M. P. Sebastian
    Members: Dr. Mohammed Shahid Abdulla, Dr. Naveen Amblee
    Keywords: Social development initiatives, ICT, ICT for Development (ICT4D)

Information and Communication technology (ICT) is fuelling the growth of global economy. Intelligent use of ICT is a key to transform societies and it can contribute to the development objectives of a nation mainly through three ways: (1) serving as a tool to tackle some of the real world issues lik...(Read Full Abstract)

An inter organisational imitation perspective to FDI based entry mode choices of emerging market firms and their impact on performance

  • Student Name: Mukundhan K.V.
    Subject/Area: Business Policy and Strategic Management
    Year: 2015 | IIM Kozhikode
    Chair Person: Nandakumar M.K.
    Members: Rajesh S.Upadhyayula, Unnikrishnan K. Nair
    Keywords: Emerging Market Firm (EMF), Investment motivation

This thesis investigates the role of mimetic influences in the FDI-based market entry mode decisions of emerging market firms (EMFs). Drawing upon inter-organizational imitation literature and anecdotal evidence from internationalization experiences of Indian firms, this thesis seeks to explain the ...(Read Full Abstract)

Boundary conceptions, knowledge brokering and enabling process: Tracing organisational learning in social enterprises

  • Student Name: Ankita Tandon
    Subject/Area: Human Resources Management (HRM) & Organizational Behaviour (OB)
    Year: 2014 | IIM Kozhikode
    Chair Person: Unnikrishnan Nair
    Members: Debashis Chatterjee, Anandakuttan B Unnithan
    Keywords: Implicit boudaries, Knowledge brokering and immersion, boundary objects, learning routines

In the.last two decades, the philanthropy-based social sector has seen the emergence of organizations exhibiting innovative and sustainable social value creation processes. These organizations, referred to as social enterprises, have been identified as highly experimental setups where much learning ...(Read Full Abstract)

Business model attributes, predictive and non- predictive decision making approaches, and firm performance: evidence from Indian SMEs

  • Student Name: Rakesh Kumar Pati
    Subject/Area: Business Policy and Strategic Management
    Year: 2014 | IIM Kozhikode
    Chair Person: Nandakumar M.K.
    Members: S.S.S. Kumar , Saptarshi Purkayastha
    Keywords: Business model novelty, Decision making approaches, Firm Performance

Extant studies indicate that social entrepreneurship contributes to improving social and economic condition in many disadvantaged communities. Consequently, there are obvious benefits in identifying the factors which influence the social and financial performance of these social enterprises in count...(Read Full Abstract)

Consumer evaluation of brand extensions: Goods to services and services to goods

  • Student Name: Jayasankar R.
    Subject/Area: Marketing and Advertising
    Year: 2014 | IIM Kozhikode
    Chair Person: Sanal kumar velayudhan
    Members: Keyoor Purani, Unnikrishnan K. Nair
    Keywords: Consumer evaluation, Brand Extension(GG, GS, SS, SG)

Brands are assets that can be acquired, licensed, and hypothecated by firms. Brand extension refers to the use of established brand name for introducing new offering. From a brand owner's perspective, usefulness of brand extension strategy includes reduction in marketing expenditure, reduction in ri...(Read Full Abstract)