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A methodology for structured literature network meta-analysis

  • Authors: Murugaiyan P., Ramakrishnan V.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: Journal of Modelling in Management
    DOI: 10.1108/JM2-01-2020-0009

Purpose: Little attention has been paid to restructuring existing massive amounts of literature data such that evidence-based meaningful inferences and networks be drawn therefrom. This paper aims to structure extant literature data into a network and demonstrate by graph visualization and manipulat...(Read Full Abstract)

A study on intention to use social media in higher education: the mediating effect of peer influence

  • Authors: Trivedi S.K., Patra P., Singh S.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication
    DOI: 10.1108/GKMC-11-2020-0169

Purpose: Social media sites are one of the vital technological developments of WEB 2.0. This study aims to emphasize on building an empirical model to investigate the impending determinants of users’ intention to use social media sites in higher education. Depending on the existing theories such as ...(Read Full Abstract)

Blockchain and Tourism: Transformation of Three Research Propositions to the Policy Paradigm

  • Authors: Krishna Yadav J., Chandra Verma D., Jangirala S., Srivastava S.K.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
    DOI: 10.1007/978-981-16-7985-8_1

This paper extends Önder and Treiblmaier (Ann Tourism Res 72:180–182, 2018’s [1]) propositions regarding blockchain’s integration with tourism to valorize the policy angle. This is because policy across countries on blockchain is different. This difference is because of varied levels and stages of a...(Read Full Abstract)

Blockchain for Aviation Industry: Applications and Used Cases

  • Authors: Yadav J.K., Verma D.C., Jangirala S., Srivastava S.K., Aman M.N.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
    DOI: 10.1007/978-981-16-5655-2_46

The aviation industry has remained at the forefront when it comes to technology adaptation and it seems the case for adaptation of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has appeared as a landmark revolution in data encryption and storage. The distributed ledger system allows the hashes to be ...(Read Full Abstract)

Blockchain for Fool-Proof E-Voting Systems

  • Authors: Yadav J.K., Jangirala S., Verma D.C., Srivastava S.K., Chaudhry S.A.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
    DOI: 10.1007/978-981-16-5655-2_44

Blockchain-enabled e-voting system (BEV) is the need of the hour for many organizations and for democracies. With allegations being raised on validity of the voting system and mass protests, e.g., in the USA as well as the allegations of some hired tech companies interfering in elections of differen...(Read Full Abstract)

Clusters: semantically different yet a panacea for achieving resilient competitiveness

Purpose: The paper aims to relook at the notion of competitiveness in the challenging times of pandemic. The failure of global value chains caused many nations despite their state of economic development to struggle for necessary items. The goal of achieving profitability abated by having self-suffi...(Read Full Abstract)

Corporate social responsibility and customer-citizenship behaviors: the role of customer–company identification

  • Authors: Fatma M., Khan I., Kumar V., Shrivastava A.K.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: European Business Review
    DOI: 10.1108/EBR-12-2021-0250

Purpose: This study aims to analyse a proposed model depicting the direct and indirect relationship between consumer perceptions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and customer citizenship behaviour (CCB) in the banking industry. Design/methodology/approach: In this study, data was collected f...(Read Full Abstract)

Disruptions in sourcing and distribution practices of supply chains due to COVID-19 pandemic: a sustainability paradigm

  • Authors: Sharma V., Singh A., Rai S.S.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: Journal of Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing
    DOI: 10.1108/JGOSS-02-2021-0020

Purpose: The present research paper is an attempt to study how COVID-19 can affect the global sourcing practices of various supply chain intermediaries across the demand chain. This study aims to explore and is an attempt to understand the overall impact of COVID-19 on the sustainable operations of ...(Read Full Abstract)

Engaging customers through brand authenticity perceptions: The moderating role of self-congruence

In a quest to investigate whether perceptions of authenticity can engage consumers with brands, the present study examines the influence of perceived brand authenticity (PBA) on consumer brand engagement (CBE). Furthermore, the study explores the influence of CBE on consumers’ brand usage intention ...(Read Full Abstract)

Engaging luxury brand consumers on social media

  • Authors: Kumar V., Khan I., Fatma M., Singh A.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: Journal of Consumer Marketing
    DOI: 10.1108/JCM-10-2020-4175

Purpose: Although the consumption of luxury brands is significantly on the rise in emerging markets, a significant impetus is needed to boost their growth to achieve desired revenues and profitability. This paper aims to consider social media marketing activities and consumer-brand engagement as key...(Read Full Abstract)

Enhancing participation intentions in online brand communities

  • Authors: Kumar V.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: Marketing Intelligence and Planning
    DOI: 10.1108/MIP-02-2022-0061

Purpose: This study conceptualizes and validates a model of participation intentions in online brand communities by including perceived brand authenticity and consumer-brand relationship as its antecedents. Design/methodology/approach: Data were collected from different online brand communities' mem...(Read Full Abstract)

In search of a consensus definition of innovation: a qualitative synthesis of 208 definitions using grounded theory approach

  • Authors: Singh S., Aggarwal Y.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research
    DOI: 10.1080/13511610.2021.1925526

We offer a qualitative synthesis of 208 definitions of innovation using a grounded theory approach to arrive at a unified definition of innovation. The data analysis provided seven broad themes underlying the definitions of innovations, i.e., creative potential, motivation, action, psychological pro...(Read Full Abstract)

Insecure people can eclipse your sun; so identify before it is too late: revisit to the nexus between job insecurity, organizational identification and employee performance behaviour

Purpose: With the enhancing notions of job insecurity in employees, the objective of this study is to revisit the association between job insecurity and employee performance behaviour (task performance and contextual performance) with the mediating role of organizational identification. Specifically...(Read Full Abstract)

Interpersonal forgiveness and employee life satisfaction: the role of affect at work

  • Authors: Dahiya R.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: International Journal of Organizational Analysis
    DOI: 10.1108/IJOA-02-2020-2042

Purpose: Amidst the new realities of the modern world, a happy and satisfied workforce has become a necessary requirement for organizations to maintain their competitive edge. While most of the available literature revolves around positive organizational behaviour, there is dearth of research on the...(Read Full Abstract)

Leanness assessment of a complex assembly line using integrated value stream mapping: a case study

Purpose: This paper proposes an integrated value stream mapping (VSM) for a complex assembly line to improve the leanness of a complex automotive component manufacturing organization. Design/methodology/approach: This study depicts the application of VSM at the case organization, where top managemen...(Read Full Abstract)

Life satisfaction model of intention to contribute in sustainability: Through the lenses of servant leadership theory

  • Authors: Dahiya R.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development
    DOI: 10.1504/IJISD.2022.119255

The responsibility of a sustainable tomorrow lies on the shoulders of teachers. Recognising its importance, the present study aims to develop and test a life satisfaction model of intention to contribute in sustainability through the lenses of servant leadership theory. The sample consists of 263 fu...(Read Full Abstract)

Measure human capital because people really matter: development and validation of human capital scale (HuCapS)

  • Authors: Dahiya R., Raghuvanshi J.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management
    DOI: 10.1108/IJPPM-11-2020-0594

Purpose: Notwithstanding the findings of several published articles on human capital, there is scarcity of a comprehensive instrument to measure it. In this direction, the objective of present research is to develop a valid and reliable scale to assess human capital. Design/methodology/approach: Thi...(Read Full Abstract)

Measuring the impact of learning organization on proactive work behavior: mediating role of employee resilience

  • Authors: Malik P.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration
    DOI: 10.1108/APJBA-10-2020-0379

Purpose: The paper examines the role of learning organization in enhancing employees’ proactive work behavior. Furthermore, drawing on the conjectures of broaden-and-build and conservation of resources theory, this study tested the mediating role of employee resilience on the relationship between le...(Read Full Abstract)

Mobile wallets adoption: pre- and post-adoption dynamics of mobile wallets usage

  • Authors: Jaiswal D., Kaushal V., Mohan A., Thaichon P.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: Marketing Intelligence and Planning
    DOI: 10.1108/MIP-12-2021-0466

Purpose: The main objectives of this study are (1) to identify the determinants of pre- and post-adoption dynamics of mobile wallets (m-wallets) usage; (2) to propose and test the linkage framework of pre-adoption and post-adoption dynamics to understand consumers' psyche of m-wallets usage and (3) ...(Read Full Abstract)

Networking infrastructure decision at Well-Known Institute of Management

  • Authors: Dhurkari R.K.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Sirmaur
    Source: Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases
    DOI: 10.1177/2043886921998384

Well-Known Institute of Management is situated in New Delhi, India, and offers a 2-year fully residential post-graduate program in Management (MBA) and a doctoral-level program. While the permanent and fully residential campus of the institute with state-of-the-art facilities is under construction (...(Read Full Abstract)