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Adopting Industry 4.0 by leveraging organisational factors

  • Authors: Srivastava D.K., Kumar V., Ekren B.Y., Upadhyay A., Tyagi M., Kumari A.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Trichy
    Source: Technological Forecasting and Social Change
    DOI: 10.1016/j.techfore.2021.121439

The manufacturing sector needs to focus on social, environmental and technological factors to integrate Industry 4.0 in production planning, logistics and supply chains. Technical Education Institutes (TEIs) can play a key role in achieving this ambition as they are responsible for the workforce of ...(Read Full Abstract)

Analysis of operational and financial performance of ports: an integrated fuzzy DEMATEL-TOPSIS approach

  • Authors: Gayathri C., Kamala V., Gajanand M.S., Yamini S.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Trichy
    Source: Benchmarking
    DOI: 10.1108/BIJ-03-2020-0123

Purpose: Ports handle a significant portion of international cargo, so the performance of ports plays a major role in the economic development of a country. This paper aims to study how port performance depends on various interdependent factors and how it requires a holistic approach, which accounts...(Read Full Abstract)

Analyzing product greening spillovers in multi-product markets

  • Authors: Awasthy P., Gouda S., Ghosh D., Swami S.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Trichy
    Source: Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review
    DOI: 10.1016/j.tre.2021.102586

Documented cases of sustainable initiatives of firms show that green efforts in one market often have spillover effects on other markets. The critical question is, how do firms harness and respond to such market spillovers. To answer this, the paper examines two settings where, a firm operates in tw...(Read Full Abstract)

Becoming coolies and supervisors: continued indebtedness, coercive intermediaries and new governmentalities in colonial South Indian plantations (1830 –1895)

This article examines the evolutionary history of coolie labourers and the Maistries in the plantations of colonial Madras Presidency in South India during the nineteenth century. The post-emancipation era in colonial India witnessed the growth of planting industries and several phases of migration ...(Read Full Abstract)

Broken Engagement: Teaching Finance during Pandemic Times

  • Authors: Saravanan P., Banerjee S.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Trichy
    Source: Management and Labour Studies
    DOI: 10.1177/0258042X221082413

Student engagement is critical to creating a collaborative and involved learning environment. The pandemic brought the class room engagement between the faculty and the students to a halt. We tried to find different avenues for the students to reach out to the faculty and to have an open forum to fa...(Read Full Abstract)

Comparison of platoon formations using departure time coordination heuristic

  • Authors: Sivanandham S., Gajanand M.S.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Trichy
    Source: International Journal of Operational Research
    DOI: 10.1504/IJOR.2022.121487

A platoon is a set of virtually linked vehicles that drive closely behind one another. Truck platooning is a fast-emerging application of connected and autonomous vehicles to help tackle the traditional problems of the transportation industry and to reduce cost and minimise emissions. In this study,...(Read Full Abstract)

Consequences of abusive supervision on Indian service sector professionals: a PLS-SEM-based approach

  • Authors: Srivastava S., Pradhan S., Singh L.B., Madan P.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Trichy
    Source: International Journal of Conflict Management
    DOI: 10.1108/IJCMA-07-2021-0112

Purpose: The present study aims to investigate the direct and indirect relationship between abusive supervision (AS) and employees’ intention to quit (ITQ) and employee misconduct (EM). Though the direct relationship was investigated in past studies; however, the indirect effect of the said relation...(Read Full Abstract)

Cyberbullying and Depression: An empirical study of Indian executives

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the linkage between cyberbullying and depression. Using the multi-mediation routes this study also explores the cyberbullying-depression relationship via helplessness and self-esteem. This study is a multi-mediation model with a sample size of 340 responde...(Read Full Abstract)

Determinants of continuous usage of library resources on handheld devices: findings from PLS-SEM and fuzzy sets (fsQCA)

  • Authors: Tyagi S.K., Sharma S.K., Gaur A.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Trichy
    Source: Electronic Library
    DOI: 10.1108/EL-02-2022-0026

Purpose: This study aims to investigate the key factors that motivate learners to use handheld devices to access library resources. To do so, this study integrates the technology acceptance model (TAM) and the DeLone and McLean information systems success (D and M-ISS) model. Design/methodology/appr...(Read Full Abstract)

Do learning styles of undergraduate and postgraduate students in B-schools differ? Insights and implications

With the expansion of business education and an increasing focus on diversity, it is imperative that business schools address students’ diverse learning styles. A deeper understanding of how differently each student learns may provide useful insights into “teaching-learning” processes that need to b...(Read Full Abstract)

Dual institutional embeddedness and home country CSR Engagement: Evidence from Indian MNEs

  • Authors: Sahasranamam S., Arya B., Mukundhan K.V.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Trichy
    Source: Journal of Business Research
    DOI: 10.1016/j.jbusres.2021.12.003

This study contributes to the international corporate social responsibility (CSR) literature and emerging market multinationals research by examining the influence of dual institutional embeddedness on home country CSR engagement in the understudied context of Indian multinational enterprises (MNEs)...(Read Full Abstract)

Effect of manufacturer's flexible returns policy in a duopolistic competition

Purpose: Flexible return policies are offered by the manufacturers to encourage the retailers announcing a lenient returns scheme to their customers. Design/methodology/approach: This study considers the distribution of durable products in a supply chain where the demand is sensitive to sales effort...(Read Full Abstract)

Forging the nation state: an advertising history of Tata Steel, India

  • Authors: Sreekumar H., Pratap S.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Trichy
    Source: Journal of Historical Research in Marketing
    DOI: 10.1108/JHRM-07-2021-0034

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to provide an advertising history of Tata Steel from its inception in 1907 to 2007 when it completed 100 years of operation. The authors use postcolonial theory to highlight the intertwining of advertising with the broader project of anticolonial resistance and ...(Read Full Abstract)

Fostering resilience through the culture of excellence (CoE) practices: explorative insights from a talent management SME

  • Authors: Joseph N., Totawar A.K., Sam O.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Trichy
    Source: Measuring Business Excellence
    DOI: 10.1108/MBE-06-2021-0082

Purpose: Organisational researchers have always highlighted the role of leadership during crisis. However, anecdotal evidence shows that leadership often fails when the culture does not back them during a crisis. Hence, actively initiating and developing a culture of excellence (CoE) become all the ...(Read Full Abstract)

Future Ready Self-Directed Learning Students for a Successful Career

  • Authors: Maheswarappa S.S.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Trichy
    Source: ICSIT 2022 - 13th International Conference on Society and Information Technologies, Proceedings
    DOI: 10.54808/ICSIT2022.01.16

Fresh management graduates face daunting challenges in developing their early professional career. They have to shift from espoused learning approach encountered at management schools to enacted practices of learning approach they encounter at work. To bridge gap between these two approaches, this e...(Read Full Abstract)

Global and local perspective on the usage of mobile wallet

  • Authors: Al-Badi A.H., Govindaluri S.M., Sharma S.K., Khan A.I.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Trichy
    Source: International Journal of Business Information Systems
    DOI: 10.1504/IJBIS.2022.122883

Mobile wallet technology offers the advantages of convenience, flexibility, and lower cost in mobile payments. The current study reviews the mobile wallet literature in different countries in order to investigate drivers and barriers in the usage of mobile wallet in Oman. Open-ended interviews and s...(Read Full Abstract)

Informal learning behaviors and the role of workplace support: preliminary findings from an India-USA workforce

  • Authors: Joseph N., Rajan E.S.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Trichy
    Source: Development and Learning in Organizations
    DOI: 10.1108/DLO-05-2021-0089

Purpose (mandatory): The purpose of this paper is to study engagement of employees in informal learning behaviors (ILBs) and to understand the role of workplace support (organizational support, supervisor support and job support) in facilitating such behaviors. Design/methodology/approach (mandatory...(Read Full Abstract)

Is compassion an answer to the hiding problem?” Role of psychological danger and compassion training in knowledge hiding behavior

  • Authors: Lanke P.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Trichy
    Source: Development and Learning in Organizations
    DOI: 10.1108/DLO-12-2021-0229

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is twofold, first is to conceptualize the role of “psychological danger” and the consequent “interpersonal distrust” as the cause of knowledge hiding in organizations. Second, it proposes the role of “compassion” training to tackle this challenge to knowledge hidin...(Read Full Abstract)

Locating resistance to healthcare information technology: A Bourdieusian analysis of doctors' symbolic capital conservation

  • Authors: Kumar M., Singh J.B., Chandwani R., Gupta A.
    Year: 2022 | IIM Trichy
    Source: Information Systems Journal
    DOI: 10.1111/isj.12357

This research examines the socially significant issue of doctors' resistance to healthcare information technology (HIT) from the radical power perspective. It adopts Bourdieu's social practice theory to examine the interaction of HIT with the reproduction of doctors' historically rooted social stand...(Read Full Abstract)

Mapping the conceptual and intellectual structure of the consumer vulnerability field: A bibliometric analysis

Consumer vulnerability (CV) has evolved into an important management research field over the past two decades. The CV field (hereafter, the field) merits evaluation of its present state and prospects, as it incorporates many subthemes. This study used bibliometric analysis to map and make sense of t...(Read Full Abstract)